This week’s curated list of insights are mostly focused on retention, the king of growth strategy. Without it it’ll be really hard to achieve real growth.

Get users to experience your product’s core value as quickly as possible.

If you don’t know you’re product’s core value, start by looking at the way users engage with your product. Talk to your users or run a survey among different usage groups to learn about the features they care about the most.

Focus on optimizing first week retention.

It’s usually the metric with the highest influence on optimizing overall retention (and therefore a great place to start).

Before you pull out the numbers, define how you frame user retention. This will affect the way you optimize later on. Then break the user flow into smaller, digestible steps. This will allow you to experiment and optimize each step and the overall flows.

For a deep dive on this topic check out InnerTrends guide to optimizing user retention.

Predict your key metric trend to optimize experiments (Learn how below).

Predicting the trend will help you plan ahead your next set of experiments and optimize faster overall.

On “How to predict you weekly or monthly usage metrics”, Brain Balfour, former VP of growth at HubSpot and Dan Wolchonok showcase how to build a simple formula to predict WAU metric that can be applied to pretty much any metric relevant for you.

Help users to build habits around the core product value, as often as possible.

This will help you with increasing long term retention. As noted by Brain Balfour, at his talk “Growth is good but retention is forever” (a must-watch if you haven’t seen it already).